Ethan Watrall
Principal Investigator, Comm Tech Lab
Instructor, Telecommucation, Information Studies and Media

Ethan Watrall did his graduate work in anthropology atIndianaUniversity–Bloomington, where he did his dissertation research in the household archaeology of Predynastic Egypt.  While in graduate school, Ethan’s research expanded to include the public convergence of anthropology, archaeology, computing, new media, and interactive entertainment. Recently, he’s expended a significant amount of his professional energy towards exploring a number of topics - all of which fall under the umbrella of archaeological informatics. In particular, he’s focused on two topics relating to interactive entertainment. First, he’s investigated the development and implementation of complex social systems in strategy games, Second, Ethan has published and presented papers discussing the role that interactive entertainment plays in the public’s perception of archaeology, archaeologists, and the human past.
Ethan also have a keen interest in the design and implementation of forward thinking interactive new media applications that extend and enhance the range of the public education and outreach efforts of archaeological projects. Finally, Ethan is committed to the research and development of mobile and pervasive applications that can be used to extend the scope of field data collection, information management, and public educational efforts in the social sciences & humanities. Ethan also has a strong abiding interest in exploring the social impact of futurist technologies, and the ways in which public opinion of those technologies have manifested in popular media.

Ethan started working with CommTech Lab. from 2004. He is teaching courses in Digiral Media Art and Technolog.

Digital Hierakonpolis Initiative
iAKS (Integrated Archaeological Knowledge System)

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TC346 : Basic Interactive Design
TC391 : The Social History of Digital Games

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