Designing Meaningful Experiences with Quicktime VR

Masters Project in Telecommunications, Michigan State University

Matthew S. MacQueen (

Completed Fall 1996


Faculty Committee:

Dr. Carrie Heeter (

Dr. Pericles Gomes (

Dr. Tom Muth (


QuickTime Virtual Reality (VR) is a multimedia technology that allows users to experience an object or geographic area "in the round" with their own mouse movements. The world wide web has accommodated ways to embed VR movies into web pages where they can be combined with other electronic media elements. This thesis explores how QuickTime VR can be coupled with intelligent information architecture and interface design to create virtual experiences, delivered globally via the world wide web. To test the implementation of this technology, a walk-through of the Michigan State University 4-H Children's Garden was created using photographs, maps, text, and interactive QuickTime VR movies. The overall experiences of the real garden and the virtual garden are compared and contrasted. Finally, the possibilities for future QuickTime VR applications are explored.

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4-H Children's Garden

Developing Quicktime VR movies

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