An Application of Digitized Speech in Hypermedia

Masters Project in Telecommunications, Michigan State University

William Robert Richards

Completed in 1992


Faculty Committee:

Dr. Carrie Heeter (

Gary Reid (

Dr. Robert Albers (


Today's technology has made digital sampling of audio for computer storage and playback a "desktop" venture. But the widely available capability has not resulted in widespread application. Perhaps a first step in finding a productive use for audio in hypermedia is to reduce our dependence on text displays as the accepted medium for presenting verbal information.

The hypermedia program, "Field Kit Workshop," (FKW) uses speech as the primary means of delivering verbal information. FKW introduces students to operating features of professional video production equipment. Formative evaluation was conducted to explore user response to speech as it was used in FKW, and to help guide the implementation of speech within the program's final design.

This study found that speech was accepted by users within a program that is well-designed overall, and in which the design takes into account the special strengths and weaknesses of speech as a medium for delivery.

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