The Best of Both Worlds:
A Comparison of Hypermedia and Video Production

Masters Project in Telecommunications, Michigan State University

Rachel Luisa Torgoff (

Completed in 1991


Faculty Committee:

Dr. Carrie Heeter (

Dr. William Taylor

Dr. Robert Albers (


"The Best of Both Worlds: A Comparison of Hypermedia and Video Production" provides a look into some of the similarities and differences involved in producing hypermedia and video projects based upon the author's hypermedia project, available at the MSU Department of Telecommunication. This comparison extends beyond the role of producer and posits research questions that relate directly to users and viewers. The final analysis asserts that to provide seamless technical integration of the two media, higher technical standards are necessary.

The body of the manuscript describes the authoring software program, HyperCard, its basic elements and structures. Following this, various ways that hypermedia and television take the user and viewer into account during program development are discussed. This latter portion moves away from program layout and style development, and explorers some of the resolution, technical, and production considerations and restrictions, ending with a personal and theoretical discussion, and the author's recommendations

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