Breast Cancer Lighthouse empowers women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer by providing them with a variety of resources to help them understand their cancer and seek effective treatment. This website highlights the personal stories of women who have survived breast cancer and provides medical information on the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Lighthouse web site is partially funded by grants from the American Cancer Society, Michigan State University Cancer Center, and the MSU Office of Computing and Technology. The site was created by the Communication Technology Lab at MSU.

The Breast Cancer Lighthouse website requires that QuickTime 3.0 or better to be installed on your computer. Click here to get the latest version.

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This web site contains information found in MSU Comm Tech Lab's Breast Cancer Lighthouse CD-ROM. You can find out more about the Breast Cancer Lighthouse CD-ROM and other Cancer patient information products at the Communication Technology Laboratory Products Page.

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