I wore my own gown

I remember being bandaged up and kind of wanting to look at the mastectomy scar, but not really want to look at it. I remember it being very red up here. I just said no, I am not going to sit here in this hospital gown feeling ugly about myself. Oh, no. I had gone out and gotten some nice little nightgowns, some little satin gowns because I wanted to feel good about myself. I might have lost a breast, but that doesn't make me any less sensual or beautiful. When the doctors were making the rounds in the morning, he had to pull the gown up and he turned around to his medical students and he said, "This is why you always encourage patients to wear their hospital gowns. It always takes a little bit longer...." I said "Look, who gives a rip? I'm paying for this. You work for me."

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