I never thought it was cancer

I got to the doctor's office and he said he couldn't tell me anything right then, but was going to have to take a sample and send it to the lab. He made an appointment for me to go to the hospital so there could be a biopsy. I went to the hospital, and it was an out-patient thing. He assured me it could be because I told him I couldn't be away from home. I had to do this quick and very secretive. So he said, well, come the night before. And that morning I went into surgery with the biopsy, I come back out of surgery the same day and I was anxious to go home, got dressed and everything. And the nurse said, well Bernita, the doctor wants to see you before he leaves. I said, well, I've had surgery. It's time to go... I checked my breast also and I noticed that he had like a tube in it that was draining into a gauze pad. I had never thought that it was cancerous. I don't know why, but I just didn't.

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