What I tell my children

My children now are, the older two are 24 and 21, and I have 15 year-old, soon to be 16. My daughter just turned 14. I just thank the Lord that I'm around to help them out. I want them to know that I'm here. And the boys, if the run into this problem with their wives, hang in there with them. That's just one part of your body that's not there, but just love the person for who the person is. Also, I became a grandmother and I told my son I said, you let Ebony know (his girlfriend). I said you let her know that I had breast cancer. And I said you're going to have to watch out this with your daughter. Look out for things. Stay checked, get checked, be on top of things. Just know that things will be all right if something comes up. Just think of good old Mom, I'm hanging in here.

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