I met someone who could help

The other thing I had to deal with is not having any health insurance. How was I going to pay for these things? I had heard about the breast and cervical cancer screening program. I wanted to have some sense of privacy when I went through checking out whether or not I had this disease. And I know that we say things are confidential, but sometimes things are not confidential. So what I did was I called my mother and asked her to do some calling for me to find out about the program, the one in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and possibly one in Lansing to see exactly what it took to become a patient. And finally, she gave me some information which really wasn't complete. And then, I had a class on cultural competency and diversity and low and behold, this woman who coordinates the program came to the class that night and was talking about diversity, but also mentioned that she was a coordinator of this breast and cervical cancer screening program at the State. And I thought, this is wonderful.

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