I found a clinical trial

I tried to get into a clinical trials program that my clinical instructor at Michigan State had told me about. And I searched, and searched, and searched, and just when I was thinking about going into the other regular treatment program, my partner said "Well, if that's the thing that you really wanted to do, maybe you should do that just to make sure you have your own satisfaction about this thing." So I did. I pursued that and I was very happy that I did because the program that I am now in gives you the cutting-edge treatment for the cancer that I have, which is Stage Two breast cancer. And it also randomizes me to an experimental drug which helps your blood cells to rebound faster, because one of the things that the chemotherapy does is to not only kill the cancer cells but it affects your whole immune system and your ability for your blood to do the things that it needs to do. And we found out that has helped.

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