Personal Long Term Follow-Up Experiences:

And being a five-year survivor myself, I guess I feel the one thing that is important when you're diagnosed with cancer is that you seek out a support group and seek out other survivors, because it gives you hope and they understand what you're going through.

Your relationships with people I think become, well they either become much better or much worse. I can't think of any relationships that have become worse. But my relationship with my husband has deepened. We're closer than ever, and this has brought us closer. You have a tendency to tell people more often "I Love You", "I care about you". You have a tendency to do more things for other people. A lot of good things happen.

But I thought about it the other night at the support group. They had a man talk about imagery, and they had us go to Lake Michigan, and I was able to do that quite easily. I thought I probably out to do more meditation. I think it's probably helpful. I found a lot of reasons not to do things that I didn't want to do because of this. I think I used it sometimes, and that's okay, I'm sure.

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