Personal Radiation Therapy Experiences

They radiated me from two different sides and there's no pain. Radiation is no pain at all. They just lay you on the table with your arm up and they mark all over your breast with black markings, and they lay a mold underneath to conform to the way you have to be laying on the table when you have your radiation. Most people are apprehensive about that, when the mold is being taken and the markings are all being done. The black markings were something that bothers a lot of people, and it bothered me, too, because I was afraid of losing all those marks when I showered. And of course, the hot flashes, perspiration destroyed them, too. But they just go on ahead and they just mark you up again.

Basically for me, it was very, very simple. It was a matter of going every day to the hospital and getting undressed to a point where you could get on the table, and therefore, they would use a laser light. I could see this red light shining down which marked the very spot where the radiation needed to hit. Forty-five seconds at the most and you're done. So except for the fact that it simply, absolutely interrupts every single day, the very process is very minor, in my case.

I jog and I walk every day, even with my radiation. Because it was during the summertime, I did my daily routine. I did experience a little tenderness somewhat, but not very much discomfort. So it was just like a daily routine.

The radiation treatments, each session just lasts about two minutes. I did miss one day because I had arranged to take my board's in family practice, which one has to do every seven years. I thought about canceling, but I had paid my money and done a lot of paperwork, and I decided to go ahead and do it. And I did pass. I didn't get the highest possible mark.

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