I had to fight for my job

But I loved my job, and I loved the clients. One day I got a letter saying that I was not a social worker anymore with this program. I wondered why, so I began to ask around. They didn't tell me, and so I thought well maybe they think they're going to catch cancer, but you can't catch cancer. So I said to myself, I'm going to fight for my job. So I went and found the best lawyer in that town. I went into the lawyer and he said, hey you've got a good case. But I said to myself, he's too eager and I think he'll hurt the people I work with. So I went home and I wrote out my own defense, brought it back to the lawyer and I read it to him. "Hey, Geneva" he said, "you'd make a good lawyer. You just go ahead and mail them this letter." I won my case. I went back to work my job.

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