The day of the diagnosis

The day of her diagnosis was awful. She called and said that the appointment had been canceled and she'd try to see if she could get in later, but she didn't think she could. So I went home and waited to hear from her, and when she had to go over right away, she didn't call me, thinking that I couldn't get there in time. So I expected her to be home about 4:00. I paged her around 5:00 and she didn't answer. And she didn't get home until 7:00. I was in panic at that point. When she got home I was looking, hoping for a dent on the car somewhere so that there had been some other reason. And I was angry that she hadn't called, but I just tried to be real calm and I said "Are you okay?" And she didn't answer and my heart sunk, and we went inside and she told me. So we just spent some time crying, and then the next day we told Judi's sisters and my parents and began to deal with it.

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