Some things to cling to

We had a few things that we clung to, like my acceptance into med. school. And we had been able to be present while our godson was born. Getting to see Nathan as a little baby and be present as he was dedicated at his church. Also, right after Judi's second surgery, we brought home a baby parrot, an African Gray. We'd already decided to buy it and paid most of the money for it, but it was still a baby and not ready to go home yet. And the day before Judi's second surgery, she said "Let's get the bird." We went by the pet store the morning of her surgery and Judi was just charmed with how cute this little bird was, and the pet store owner said, well, we could conceivably let her go home. Judi said, "Well, we'll pick her up tomorrow," meaning I'll pick her up because Judi would be recovering from surgery. But it was really something wonderful to focus on.

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