He told my husband first

He said well I'm going to remove that - do a biopsy. So, on the operation table, I'm still awake. They don't numb me, the whole body, just locally because small cut. Then I say "Where did you take it out?" He said, "No I didn't take it out." I said "Why not." He said "Well, it's too big but I cut a slice off and I sent it to the lab." So they call freezing something. And he said we will hear from the lab soon. So five minutes later the lab called and he talked to them on the phone and when he hung up the phone he said "I'm going to..." --well, he finished sewing me up already because he sent a piece to the lab. He said let's go out and I'll talk to your husband. Oh, I said, fine. I thought, you know, nothing maybe. So he didn't dare to tell me because he didn't know how I would react. He thought maybe I was afraid or something. So he went and talked to my husband. He told my husband the news and then my husband came up to me and said, "Lily, you've got cancer." I said, "What? I can't believe it." I just come out of some blue. I wasn't sick, I didn't feel anything, no pain, nothing.

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