Jennifer: I wanted to be informed

When my mom told me she had cancer I was freaked out. I was like, why? Why do you have cancer? What did you do? Of course, I knew that she didn't do anything to get cancer. I talked to her about this in her room. That's where she told me, and then I went in my room and I was laying there thinking, okay, okay, this is going to be hell. It was really something totally unexpected and I knew because we had a house, and we had a dog, and we had a yard that everything was going to be thrown off. She was going to be at the doctor's, probably have surgery. I'm like, Oh my gosh! Chemotherapy - what is that? And so I decided that I wanted to be informed, and I was really glad my mom told me and I was really glad, because even though I was fifteen and I couldn't drive, and I couldn't vote, can't drink, and I can't make all these really big decisions, a really big decision was: how am I going to treat my mom?

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