Mom's needs changed

when mom was in radiation, she was going to work and she'd go to radiation on her lunch break, and then she's come home from work. And it would be just like we're not planning to go the movies at 8:00 and depend on mom to give us a ride to the movies because she was gonna be tired and mom went to bed earlier when she had radiation. But with chemo, she was really sick. When you're on chemo, they give you like a lot of different medicines to take to prevent you from getting sick so it was important that someone keep track of your medicines because she was on like 8 or 9 different medicines. So we wrote it all down and I knew what time she had to get it and so every 45 minutes it was like "Wake up! Wake up! You're gonna take your medicine." And then when mom was in surgery, taking care of her meant buying her a car, it meant visiting her after surgery, it meant helping change bandages under her arm if she couldn't do that. So it all depended on the treatment.

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