Jessica: I'm not a needle person

I'm Jessica and I'm her twin sister, and we obviously have the same Mom. Things are quite different for me. I am totally petrified of hospitals, I pass out, I'm not a needle person, which was great. Because even if you don't have a twin sister, there's someone else there who can help you. I did a lot of the stuff, now that I think back, that you just automatically did. I would make her her jello, bring her her cracker trays, whatever she wanted. I did Jennifer's homework if she needed it. I would make sure the lunch money was out for school the next day. A lot of stuff that just needs to get done I would get done. You know, I wasn't up there changing her bandages or whatever. Some of that stuff I just couldn't handle and that's okay, because you don't necessarily have to do anything you don't want to do, but you have to be there and support anyway.

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