I Chose To Be A Survivor

At the onset when you discover you have breast cancer, somewhere in that time when you're waiting for those appointments, you have to talk to yourself about whether or not you're choosing to be a survivor or a victim. And every time you make a choice on who you tell, how you tell them, what you read, how you handle cancer at work, all these things are an indication in the reinforcement to yourself that you're a survivor. And I wasn't thinking about that when I was going through it, but when I reflect back - those are all choices to be a survivor. Fortunately for me, my daughters made me all the more determined to be a survivor. I wanted to be here for their graduation, for their weddings. I want to be here. Everybody has to have something in their life worth living for. We don't just live for ourselves. I'm having chemotherapy not because my best friend is telling me go do it, or my husband is telling me go do it. I'm doing it for myself because I'm choosing life and I'm choosing to be a survivor. Women are not dying of breast cancer any more. Women are living with breast cancer.

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