The economics of breast cancer

This is what I refer to as the economics of breast cancer. Cancer treatment can be very expensive without health insurance, or if you're electing options and are not covered by your health insurance. If it's not going to cover those expenses, what kind of arrangements can you make with the doctors or with other treatment facilities. Perhaps you can get some kind of subsidy to cover the cost of those treatments. At the work site, you also have to make a determination of whether or not there is any leave time available to you. Do they have to give you time off? Do they have to accommodate your treatment schedule? These are all very legitimate questions. A lot of the answers can come from your employer. A lot of them you may have to call the Department of Labor, or you may have to call the American Cancer Society, but there are answers to all these questions out there and its important that you get them. And its important that you go through this information and process it in an objective manner. And if you can't do that, then get some help. When you are going through cancer treatment, you do not need the stress of more financial complications. You need to be able to concentrate on the treatment itself.

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