Little things can make you crazy

I do remember one situation though that was rather disconcerting. I was getting ready to go to my last chemotherapy session and I picked up my mail from the post office box and in there was a letter from the doctor's office that said that I had a balance of $8.00 and if I didn't pay the $8.00 balance immediately, that my treatment program would be interrupted. And when I tell my friends about this, they laugh. They say well that's kind of ridiculous and outrageous, isn't it. I mean, here you've paid thousands of dollars and now if you don't give them $8.00.... It wasn't ridiculous to me. I sat in the car and cried. When I showed this to the doctor, she was absolutely outraged. But these things happen and they seem like they would be minor occurrences, but if you're facing the prospect of another chemotherapy treatment and somebody's sending you an overdue bill notice, it makes you crazy.

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