He said the word

And I went to see this doctor. He was abrupt and insensitive at the time, I thought. I said "It's right there." And he said, "Oh, well, it feels very suspicious of cancer." And I don't think I heard much that he said after that. And he said "I'll have to take a needle biopsy though to be sure," so he took the needle biopsy. And then I sat up on the end of the table and I just lost it, and the nurse tried to console me with, Oh honey, you're all right. He's such a good doctor. He does this all the time. You don't have anything to worry about. And I thought, yeah but he said "cancer," that word. And I was alone, I drove home and cried a little bit and thought well this is crazy. I was getting into an accident with the tears and I dried them up and then I'd cry a little bit more.

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