I finally came home

When my cells started to come back in, everybody was very excited. But you have to reach a certain level before they'll let you go home. So it was all arranged that I was going to on Saturday morning, and Friday night I spiked a temperature, high enough that they would not let me go. So they started doing more tests. For about three or fours days I continued to run a fever that would up and down, and up and down. So finally the doctor came back and he said we think that temperature could be caused by some type of a viral infection that just needs to run its course, and how would you like to go home tonight? I had always thought that I would leave in the middle of the day, in bright sunshine, feeling on top of the world, and instead I left at 7:00 at night feeling sick and worried to death that they weren't doing the right thing by letting me out. Once I got home, my temperature went down to normal and it never went back up again. It was the hospital that was making me sick.

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