Many changes for my family

My older daughter came and visited me three times, but my younger daughter came one time. I think she's been very angry at me for getting breast cancer and her way of coping with this is just to deny it. And she doesn't want to talk about it, she doesn't want me to talk about it. But I did have good support from all my other family members. My husband stayed down there for the first four nights while I was going through chemotherapy. We went through the process of selling our house. In fact, the week that I got out of the hospital was the week that we had to be out of our house and moved into apartments until our house was built at the end of September. We went ahead with the house because we thought this is our dream. We've always wanted to build, so I'm very excited about it. But there's also this other part of me that says how long are you going to be in it?

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