Handling the insurance was hard

When I finished chemotherapy and they actually set up the appointment, I called my insurance company and was told we are not paying for bone marrow transplant, because it was considered to be too experimental. We decided to go ahead. We were prepared to take our insurance company to court, because this was my only hope. And we had already accumulated around $11,000. And I had a call from my insurance company and they said we only pay for this if its done in one of five locations across the United States. This is what they wanted me to do. Scrap everything that was done and go to Chicago, which is the closest location and start all over. So what we finally found out is that I should have been referred back to my family doctor and he should have appealed. But somewhere I fell through a crack and we were already into this $11,000 worth. We finally won. They did agree to pay for it and they have been wonderful.

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