You can still look great

I had a friend, she had breast cancer when she was 31 or 32. She was my very first visitor at the hospital. I will never forget. She came into see me the day after my surgery and she looked like a million dollars. She walked in and she had on her make-up and a very kind of a form fitting dress, all her jewelry and she just looked fantastic. And that was the best thing in the world for me, to see somebody who had been through what I have just been through and to know that you could look like. She was wearing a prosthesis and I thought, God, you can still look that good? And that was a good thing to know at that time. You know, after you've lost your breast, you do start thinking, you know, how am I going to look in my clothes again? To see her and know that you could look as good as you looked before, that was a really exciting and important thing for me.

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