I had reconstructive surgery

I had breast reconstruction done and I had it done using my own tissue. What they do is they take the tissue from the abdominal area and they transfer it up here and they create a new breast. And it's very extensive surgery. It's miraculous, and I'm really pleased. There might have been a possibility that could have been done at the time that I had the mastectomy. And it's not always easy to work out the complexities of the surgeon who is doing the mastectomy versus the plastic surgeon who is doing the reconstruction, but these things can be worked out and it is another option. You know, I went through it four years later and it was a twelve hour surgery, but the results are phenomenal. So it's good to know that if you lose your breast, you don't have to be without a breast forever. That they are doing things today with your own tissue that, you know, will give you back a breast and make you feel like a whole person again.

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