Lumpectomy wasn't offered

They never told me that lumpectomy was an option, and I wonder if I had gone for a second opinion if I had more time to explore my options if that might have been. Although in my case, I think because of the location of the tumor, it probably would not have been an option. Sometimes it just isn't a choice. Sometimes mastectomy is the only choice. But even four years ago, they were doing a lot more mastectomies than they are now. Now, there are more and more physicians that are doing lumpectomies, and they're saying yes to do lumpectomy and radiation and chemotherapy. This is effective a treatment for breast cancer as a mastectomy. So I sometimes look back over my shoulder and wonder if I had not been so rushed, if my doctor had said "You're welcome to go for a second opinion," maybe my breast might have been preserved.

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