We don't control what happens

I think my experience in South Asia, particularly living in the Hindu world, taught me that I live in the world but I don't control it. I also figured out that I don't know the future. Hell, if you figured out that you don't control the world and you don't know the future, its I think a lot easier to cope with the unpredictable thing which does change your life pattern. I think in terms of the cancer, it was more difficult for my wife because the real world for her is in Asia and in Africa, and that she couldn't even get to her real world for a while and that was a difficult adjustment. So those need to be supportive of that. You could say its a bitter pill to swallow, but its easier to swallow with a lot water and be done with it than to taste it and enjoy the bitterness. And I think a lot of us would rather just drink it down and go onto the next.

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