The lumpectomy was simple but...

The surgeon, she did the lumpectomy one Monday and when she came out of that she said "We're scheduled the next Monday for the nodes." Just like that. Actually, the surgeon reserved time in that hospital every week so she can deal with people like me who come wandering in and need surgery right away. But their mammogram machine wasn't working to mark the place for the surgery, so we dashed something over top of me and tear across town, back to the place where I had my original mammogram and they got a doctor in from across the street hospital to check it out and get it ready, and then we raced back across. But you know, then you're home in the afternoon and it was really very, in fact, (almost to my family disappointingly) a simple arrangement, because I was hungry by evening and they were not willing to feed me. Finally I said "I'm hungry." So it really was simple, but of course, it was malignant and so then a week later I went in for the lymph nodes.

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