I knew to get a second opinion

Medical people are so careful nowadays not to tell you what you should do. Its almost ironic, if you've lived as long as I have, and lived with one child who was born ill and I was never even given any alternatives. What he told me was that child would die and you might just as well let him. And of course, he's still alive today, so I know that doctor was wrong. It's just the opposite these days. "Well, we won't tell you. You ought to do this... but here are the alternatives that you can consider." At that point, I called the National Cancer Institute and got all the latest research on Stage One cancer. And this same son who 40 years ago we were busy keeping alive, now heads a medical program in Arizona. So I faxed all the diagnostic stuff that I had. Well then, what you get back is answers. Then the nurse practitioner at the breast clinic was very helpful, and she said "Would you like a second opinion?" And I said, "Yes, we really would." And she was smart and moved us over to a very senior person.

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