I was a reluctant couch potato

When I was leaving work in South Asia, people who knew me said to me, "What are you going to do?" I said "I'm going home and be a couch potato." Little did I know that's actually what I ended up doing. I just kind of vegetated. Then, when the radiation ended, just as I had predicted, nobody was begging me to come back to work. And I, to be honest, didn't have the stamina, but I was really frustrated by the fact that nobody was begging either. I appreciated so much the support from my friends here. But even as much, my friends in other parts of the world, who I'm sure thought I was going to die tomorrow. But nonetheless, they were going to cheer me on while I was still here. And maybe in the process of my going through this, they have learned that it is something you can survive if you're lucky enough to find it soon enough.

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