I was frustrated during radiation

For me, it was a matter of going every day to the hospital, getting undressed to a point where you could get on the table and they would use a laser light which marked the very spot where the radiation needed to hit. Forty-five seconds and you're done. So except for the fact that it interrupts every single day, the very process is very minor. In fact, I suppose that's why it's frustrating that it, in my case, really knocked me out. It was such a little thing. Some of the other people are women who actually seem to come in from the office and just go and plop down and get their 45 seconds and go back. I was just depressed, I suppose, by the fact that by the second week I really was not doing much of anything at home. The truth of the matter is, of course, I didn't have to, and I suppose that may be part of the thing.

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