I didn't want a placebo

Having been at a university for 45 years, we've always been very supportive of research. And certainly when our son was diagnosed and we were asked to be part of a research program, we were glad to be because there was very little known and we felt whatever we learned, we were going to benefit. But when it came down to whether I would take Tamoxifen or placebo, I just simply couldn't buy into that. I said either I need it, or I don't need it. And at this stage in my life, I am not willing to be the guinea pig. We got into a big philosophical discussion about the basis for medical research, in a family who already had a lot of social science researchers. Medical research has come out of veterinary medicine, and they control. In social science, you don't control in that kind of way. You look at who has and who hasn't, who did and who didn't, and then you try to learn from that. I'm convinced that medical research has got to move in that direction and quit using people as guinea pigs.

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