Easing Cancer Pain empowers people with cancer who suffer from pain by providing them with a variety of resources to help them understand their pain and seek effective treatment. This website highlights the personal stories of people who are being treated for cancer pain, barriers to pain treatment, and various causes of cancer pain, as well as providing detailed information on approaches to pain relief.

Karen Ogle, MD., Professor of Family Practice in the College of Human Medicine, and Director of the Program in Palliative Care Education and Research at the Cancer Center at Michigan State University directed the content development of Easing Cancer Pain. This program was funded by the Cancer Center at MSU and the MSU Office of Computing and Technology.

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This web site contains information found in MSU Comm Tech Lab's Easing Cancer Pain CD-ROM. You can find out more about the Easing Cancer Pain CD-ROM and other Cancer patient information products at the Communication Technology Laboratory Products Page.