About pain assessment

Pain history

Patterns of pain

Describing how it feels

Rating pain

About pain assessment

For your health care team to assess your pain, there's a lot they need to know. Your most important task is to tell your doctor and nurse clearly and completely about your pain. You are the expert--only you really know what the pain feels like and how bad it is. Even if it's difficult for you to talk about pain, it's very important to be direct and honest about it.

You may want to have a friend or family member present--many people find that helps them communicate all of the relevant information to the health care team.

Remember that assessment of your pain is an ongoing process. If you aren't getting adequate relief, you need to let your doctor or nurse know so that you can explore other options together.

You may need to try several different combinations of medications or different doses to get the best pain relief. Other medical treatments and complementary therapies may also be helpful.

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