Cicely on Treating Pain

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Find the right doctor

Find the right doctor

From time to time, I find myself talking to friends who are not very happy with the treatment they are having from their doctors and I always try and help them to say not "My friend, Dr. Saunders, says this or that," but, "My pain seems to be worse at such a time or it seems to come from here." Give the doctor some clues, but if you find yourself with a doctor who simply isn't picking up your clues, you are not tied to that person for ever. Certainly in this country you can change your doctor, you can shop around. A patient has some control. On the one side, there is responsibility on the side of the doctor to listen, but on the other side, there is a responsibility of the patient to tell the story and if you find your story isn't being listened to, then I think you should think of maybe having a change. People take such a lot of trouble in finding the right kind of car. They should take the same sort of trouble in finding the right kind of doctor. Ask around with your friends, if they feel that they've got a good doctor that they can work with well, you don't just go to the post office and say where's your list, you do your research.

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