Catherine's Assessment

Who I am

I have cancer

I rate the pain

It's hard to describe

My dog is good company

My sister is a Godsend

My husband has not been well

My husband has not been well

My husband George retired in 1990 from Michigan Consolidated Gas Company. At that time he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had surgery and at that time they removed his testicles. Because they said they were the main producers of the hormone that this prostate cancer lives on. So he went through with that. They gave him, it's a form of chemotherapy in a capsule form, Uloxin is the name of it. He took that for years but in the mean while the cancer cleared up, the prostate cancer cleared up. He had sugar diabetes very bad. Very bad circulation. His kidneys failed on him, he's on dialysis three times a week. They took him in the hospital on October the 31st of 1995. He went in the hospital and he had his left leg removed because of gangrene and poison setting in. They removed it about two to three inches below his knee. And then just this past June he had to go back and have his right leg removed for the same reason to the same point on his leg.

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