Catherine's Outcome

I wanted help

I wouldn't do it again

I am weak

God has the answers, but I don't

I want to help but I can't

I wouldn't do it again

I have talked to the doctor about it and everything but like he said, it takes time. There isn't really much they can do to reverse it, I guess there's nothing they can do to reverse it. It is entirely up to my body, how it handles it and everything. I would never go through it again. I was so confident when it cut the pain out. And I said to the doctor that had given me the treatments, how long will this numbness last? He looked at me and he said I really don't know. I would think at that time he could have given me a more definite answer on it but he didn't. This was the doctor in the pain clinic. Then I got with another doctor for the chemotherapy. That is when the fingers got numb and tingly. He took me off chemo immediately. He said it will take months for that to work out. This is my problem now. As far as the pain or the discomfort from chemo doesn't compare to this numbness I'm going through. This is what made me so weak.

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