Jessie's Treatment

Bottles of morphine

If not for hospice...

A whole bottle of advil


Simple things that help

My son helps

My son helps

My son calls me twice a day. He calls me at 9 o'clock to see if I'm still here and to get me up before Marilyn comes. He thinks I need to go to the bathroom and do a few other things before Marilyn comes. And then Friday he gets all my groceries. Sometimes if I say the wrong thing, I was almost asleep, I said how are your chickens, Jeff? He said, "Well, I don't have any chickens, mother. We don't have any chickens." But, I knew that it scared him because he called me three times that day. To see if I still had all my senses. He's a good boy. I asked him, I said, as much work as you do it's difficult for you to come every Friday. He said, "I wouldn't miss this for anything."

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