Nerve blocks and neurosurgery

Temporary nerve blocks

Permanent nerve blocks

Specific blocks


Permanent nerve blocks

A longer lasting (sometimes called permanent) nerve block uses chemicals designed to destroy a portion of the nerve. This destruction (or neurolytic block) typically lasts from three to six months.

Such a procedure is best performed by a specialist with a great deal of training and experience to lessen the chances of complication and improve the likelihood of pain relief.

The nerves that carry the pain message up to the brain also carry other sensations like touch and temperature, so numbness is a common result. And since those nerves are often very near the ones that carry the commands for movement from the brain back to the muscles, muscle weakness occurs in a small number of people after such a procedure.

This complication can happen even in the hands of an expert, and even the most experienced doctors do not get good pain relief for everyone with this technique.

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