Completing a Life is about a journey we are all taking. And it's about making that journey matter.

For you who see the road growing shorter, this is a place for rest, reflection and renewal. As you begin a new leg of the journey, you will find guideposts here that may help you make your way.

There are many topics to choose from. Everything from relieving pain to resolving conflict; from setting goals to saying goodbyes. But the path you choose to take in exploring them can be as unique and individual as the road you took to get here.

You'll also find a section of Personal Stories. These are real-life experiences, told by the people who lived them. And you may very well hear echoes of your own story in the ones that they tell.

Note: It is recommended that you have a fast Internet connection to use the Completing a Life website. Connection speeds are not an issue for using the CD-ROM.

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