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We are interested in receiving comments and feedback from people who are using the DLC-ME. Please send us comments and questions concerning this project. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, what you would like to see added or expanded upon, and what you find particularly helpful or particularly confusing. We are especially interested in suggestions from teachers about ways you are using (or have used, or are considering using) these resources with your classes.

You can send us your comments via E-mail by writing to:

Please realize that although we value your input, we may not always be able to respond to your suggestions immediately. Addressing problems that are annoying a large number of DLC-ME users will be given a higher priority than fixing problems that are aggravating only a few. Occasionally, something that you can't stand will be a favorite feature of someone else, and we will have to use our judgment about which way to go. Although competing pressures and demands on our time may occasionally prevent us from implementing your suggestions, your ideas and opinions are important to us and are always welcome.

Each major section of the DLC-ME has similar sections intended to enable you to send us your comments and questions. If you have general comments or questions about the entire DLC-ME project, this page is the best place to use to send those to us. If your comments apply to a specific section of the DLC-ME, submitting your comments from within that section will help clarify for us the specific areas to which your comments apply.

 Microbes In The News - Letters to the Editor

In some cases, we would like to "publish" comments or questions that you send us by including them in our World-Wide Web site. For example, we may wish to include suggested classroom activities using the DLC-ME sent to us by teachers, so that other teachers could benefit from those ideas. Likewise, we might wish to post a question that you submit that numerous other people have also asked, as well as our response to it.

You can contact us via E-mail by sending messages to microbes@commtechlab.msu.edu. Please include relevant details (who you are, how we can contact you, etc.) in your E-mail.

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