Microbes in the News


Discovering secrets of life in the sulphurous deep?
"Enzyme helps microorganism thrive in heat," Science News, Mar. 11, 1995.

Amazing patterns of bacterial communication
"Bacterial Chatter," Science News, Mar. 4, 1995.

Unusual bacterium thrives on arsenic
"One Microbe's Meat," Discover, March 1995.

Secrets of deep biosphere unfold
"Biosphere III," Discover, January 1995.

Diatoms form line in ocean hundreds of kilometers long
"Microorganisms create a line in the ocean," Science News, Oct. 22, 1994.

Microbes team up to produce Kefir
"Sex, Death and Kefir," Scientific American, August 1994.

Giant bacterium puzzles scientists
"In the World of Bacteria, A Behemoth," The New York Times.