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Primordial microbes still exist

Article synopsis:
"The closest thing we have to the primordial bug lives today in Yellowstone National Park -- but its relatives have been popping up everywhere."

Article citation:
"Triumph of the Archaea," Discover, February 1995, p. 30.

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SCIENCE ON-LINE has a synopsis of a related article from SCIENCE Magazine entitled Yellowstone Managers Stake a Claim on Hot-Springs Microbes.

During the last week of October, 1995 Earth & Sky presented three programs on the topic of Archaea. You can listen to these two minute audio programs if you have the RealAudio Player, or you can view the transcripts.
Fiery Origins: read or listen to a discussion of the origin of life on Earth.Archaea: read or listen to an explanation of the discovery of Archaea.Living Fossils: read or listen to information about how discoveries at Yellowstone are providing insights into the evolution of life.

Earth & Sky is a daily science radio series made possible by the National Science Foundation. RealAudio provides audio-on-demand for the Internet.

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