Sewage Sludge Microbes



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Different views and magnifications of the same species of microbe. 

Sludge Eaters

Sewage is home to many microbes. Many of these microbes are the main workers in cleaning up sewage sludge. They eat the sludge and release carbon dioxide gas,water and trace minerals. These weird, coiled-shaped microbes live with other microbes in a culture from sewage sludge.

Weird Shapes

Most bacteria are shaped like short or long rods, spheres or cork screws. The bacterium shown above is unusual because it is coiled. No on knows why they grow in coils.

Unknown Bacterium

Like most bacteria in nature, little is known about this bacterium. We know its shape and where it lives, yet know one knows what it eats, what microbes it is related to, or what it does in sludge.



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