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Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA
A collection of electronic exhibits and resources for teachers, students and science enthusiasts!

The Museum of Paleontology at U.C. Berkeley, CA
Many people think paleontology is the study of fossils. In fact, paleontology is much more. Paleontology incorporates many different kinds of data from different fields. We provide three different areas to start your exploration of paleontology: Phylogeny -- the "family tree" of life; Geological Time -- the temporal existence of groups of organisms; Evolutionary Thought -- evolutionary topics and scientists in their historical context.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, PA
The Franklin Institute Science Museum brings the exhibits, resources, and fun of a museum visit right to your desktop. Begin your visit by touring our online exhibits. Our educational hotlists point to educational hotspots on the Internet. The online exhibit hotlist will help you find educational experiences online.

Virtual Field Trips to the Monterey Bay Area in California
The primary purpose of this project is to bring access to information through the World Wide Web to the fingertips of teachers and students in the Monterey Bay Area and beyond. You will find Virtual Field Trips, resource files, tools, and more as the year progresses.

Virtual Field Trips - Lexington School District One/WebLinks
A list of clickable places you can visit as virtual field trips.

Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Ever wonder what it would look like to travel to a black hole? A neutron star? If so, you might find this page interesting. Here you will find descriptions and MPEG movies that take you on such exciting trips. These movies are scientifically accurate computer animations made with strict adherence to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. The descriptions are written to be understandable on a variety of levels - from the casually curious to the professionally inquisitive. It is hoped that students from grade school to graduate school will find these virtual trips educational.

Virtual Field Trips @ Siskiyou County K-12 site
Another clickable list of places to visit as virtual field trips.

Class Internet Field Trip Center
Welcome to Class-Internet - Field Trip Center for Camp Internet '95. Many special projects and Internet locations will show up if you explore the Camp Internet '95 homepage. For your field trip experience check out this special group of Web Sites on the Internet.

Virtual Field Trip to Hawaii
This part of Virtually Hawaii provides what we call "Virtual Field Trips", which take you on different tours around the islands. The objective is to show you parts of Hawaii from space and the air, and then to show you ground photos of points of interest. While these trips have a strong geology flavor (the Virtually Hawaii Team has many geologists as members), we hope these tours will be used by educators at grade schools and community colleges for a variety of other types of projects. We have also found that many of our visitors who sign our Guest Book find these Virtual Field Trips to be useful in planning vacations in Hawaii.

Virtual Field Trip to Oneonta to the Hudson River
Time Traveling through 400 Million Years of Earth History. This is an electronic road log for the Geology 107 class field trip. As you follow this road log, you will stop at all the sites visited on the trip, observe a variety of geological features, and learn about the geologic history of central New York state.

Virtual Excursions
Virtual Excursions is a project that invites you on trips to distant and unique places with the help of the Internet and sometimes the television. "Virtual" describes experiences that are provided by a computer, like a video game. A "virtual" excursion is a trip you experience without physically going anywhere. With this project, you will visit exciting new places and invite others to share your own travel experiences.

CTC K-12 Gateways: Field Trips
This section contains several "field trips" that have been described on the web. Several people have chronicled their adventures and travels; these links will let you travel along with them, read their journals, see their photos, and enjoy their insights.

Field Trips and Museums - @ Armadillo
A clickable list of field trip sites including mesuems available on-line.

Field Trips @ TENET
This page of TENET Web contains links to interesting people and places. Take a field trip to a museum, another city, another state, another country, or another world. Send additions to the address below.

ZIA Kid's list of Field Trips on the Net
A list of clickable places to visit as field trips.

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