Colorful Indicators Activity
Colorful Indicators
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  • Brief Description

        Students conducting the following experiment will learn about acids and bases by creating a solution to test for them and by using the Web to ask questions of scientists and/or to conduct Web-based research. Students can collaborate with students at other schools either by conducting the experiment simultaneously over CU-See Me or by exchanging data, information, and observations over email. Up to Contents of this Page

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    Materials and Resources

    1. Hardware requirements: computer and modem.
    2. Software requirements: email and/or CU-See Me, Web browser (preferably Netscape)
    3. Network/Internet requirements: Access to the Internet
    4. Chopped red cabbage
    5. Knife
    6. Bowl
    7. Water
    8. Lemon
    9. Two glasses
    10. Cooking pot
    11. Colander
    12. Tablespoon
    13. Baking soda
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    Activity Description

        Pre-activity Preparation

        Activity Up to Contents of this Page
    Internet Resources

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