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Collaborative K-12 Projects at the Ameritech Schoolhouse
A fairly extensive list of ongoing Internet collaborative projects. Some are major projects, that require lots of preparation and technology, while others can be done using only e-mail.

GNN Collaborative K-12 Project Watch
An updated list of educational collaboratiive projects at GNN. Each project is briefly described, along with a link to the site.

Global Schoolnet Foundation
An extensive resource for a variety of collaborative projects and Internet sites. Includes a monthly list of Internet projects.

Web Collaborative Projects @ University of Indiana
A current list of all known Web collaborative projects, including software, on-line references, contact persons, and an on-going electronic conversation about these projects. Not specifically for education, but a good starting point for issues related to collaborating over the Web.

Learning Together
A new book on collaborative learning. Written by Elizabeth McAllister and published in 1995, this book contains information on collaborating over the Internet in K-12 classrooms. It's available for $16.95.

The Collaboratory home page
A Web site to share database information, submit ideas for experiments, etc. at Academy One. Currently, not much here but hopefully more in the future.

Learning through collaborative visualization
At Northwestern University. The CoVis project is a K-12 science project supported by the Learning Sciences Program at Northwestern under the direction of Roy Pea. At this site are resources for teachers and students, technical support, and other related references and documents. The CoVis Teachers' Lounge contains research reports, a calendar, a mentor database, e-mail addresses of members, a BBS, a newsletter, FAQs, philosophies, and links for teachers.

A small experiment
A collaborative science experiment for teachers that includes an executive summary, video conferencing, an update, member list, invitation to join, ideas the group is exploring, a virtual portfolio, and cybrary. Under the direction of Bevery Hunter, this project offers K-12 students and teachers an opportunity to experience collaboration on the Web.

EDTECH's collaborative learning page
Software, papers, and abstracts that support collaborative learning. The reference to WebCamile is worth following. CaMILE stands for Collaborative and Multimedia Interactive Learning Environment under the direction of Dr. Mark Guzdial. "CaMILE provides 1) a forum for sharing, discussing, and reflecting, and 2) several information databases to aid students in learning and making sense of multimedia information."

MathMagic on the Web!
A K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas, to provide motivation for students to use computers to increase problem solving strategies and communication skills. Anyone in K-12 schools can participate - including students and teachers - and there are challenges for all grades.

Student Collaborative Projects
An extensive list of student-to-student collaborative projecsts on the Internet.

Why learning should get wired
A Critical Mass article written by Kristen Hall on the benefits of using the Internet and the Web vor collaborative learning.

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